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  How intuitive are you?

We could add a million questions to this quiz and the truth is even the most logical person on this planet would be able to answer intuitive, but let's try with just these to start.

If you have a question that has more than one answer just add those points up on the side and add them to your total. Pick one for the quiz and the extra on a notepad.

30 points or over: you should be taking KJ's job away from her and doing it yourself.

20 points: you are extremely intuitive and should learn how to use it.

10 points and under: You struggle with listening to your inner self and don't fully trust what is happening around you.

Intuitive people struggle. We suffer anxiety, feel others, see things we can't explain, struggle with feeling safe, get overwhelmed and rarely know how to take care of ourselves....This program is to develop ourselves to grow in every area of our lives. See you in the video's...