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Change your life with Ease!

Limitless is your one stop place to learn, let go, change how you live your life. From your career, money, love life, intuition, to day to day living.

Below you can see every program that will be offered through our Platinum program Limitless...Living your life without limits!

For over 3 decades Kjarlune Rae has been teaching and helping people in every aspect of their lives. On Radio, T.V. through her office and of course in her class room.Now you can take every course all together in Limitless.

6Th sense: Developing Intuition (building and growing through cards, channeling, remote viewing, regression,crystals, cold reading,numerology just to name a few, enhancing their Empath abilities. (Empaths feed and take on others emotions, leaving them to struggle through life with the inability to separate our own emotions from others. Learning how to enhance your born ability is a game changer, taking someone from non-functioning, anxiety ridden, often anti depressant based too healers, loving life, creating their dreams and living in their natural born gifts. Developing all Divination! This is a certified, graded program.

.Make the Magic Happen: Understanding creating a life using Manifestation, The law of Attraction and belief systems. Discovering and realizing your purpose. Attracting and maintaining a life filled with your dreams, goals, and desires.

Included in this program is a ongoing Hypnotherapy program to help your mind reach it';s dreams and release your struggles, trauma's and hold backs.

Making Love out of nothing at all: A intensive program created to find your twin soul, get past your past, and for those already in love and for after finding it, creating an amazing relationship created by team, devotion, acceptance, priority, and purpose. (This program is created by Kjarlune Rae and her Loving twin soul Brian Green.

Network Marketing Madness: Build and succeed at your own Network Marketing business. In 2017 the best business's to own are done with zero product stocking, residual incomes, stepping outside of your own way and building a successful low maintenance business. This program will work with you step by step to get out of your own head and become a business genius. No matter what business you own!

Coming in 2018

The Love diet: After losing 260+ pounds and falling in love with herself Kjarlune has started development of a revolutionary lifestyle that will change everything. No starvation, no movement you don't love.Constant affirmations. Truly the only program that will work for everyone, whether losing weight, fighting food issues, allergies, self loathing, every struggle that stops us from being and looking our best!

All of these programs Kjarlune Rae teaches separate but as a limitless member, you get all of this in one package, a savings of over $35.00 a month.

Each program does not have to be taught together, so for those only looking to learn one or two programs, you can order separate.

Everything you could ever want to learn about love, law of attraction, intuition, being the best you. All done easily with assistance and the ability to grow. Take the first step in changing your life. You can do this monthly for financial reasons or to test the waters, End your subscription at any time and still hold onto the lessons you received. Jump in and make a 6 month commitment to yourself, get your feet wet and change your life or Dive right into the deep end and start swimming. Making the ultimate commitment to your future and come on in for a year. The information doesn't change based on any of these options. All prices are in American prices for my Canadian students I did make the prices match to what I would charge for Canadian pricing.

The Devine Academy alone is a 1495.00 a year program in person. Make the magic happen is a 2000.00 a year investment once a month in person. Making love out of nothing at all....495.00 a year in person and Marketing Madness 2000.00 a year in person. You can do it all, Create your limitless life for a savings of well over $5000.00 a year. All in the comfort of your own space. When you sign up come join my Limitless: Make the Magic happen Facebook closed group to interact with me outside of this program.

Welcome and Enjoy..


What others have to say about KJ and what she teaches.

My life has completely changed learning the law of attraction through Kjarlune Rae....I used to think I understood it but I didn't. Her energy program really put it all together for me. Thanks for changing my life KJ......Sonya C

At first I thought what could a clairvoyant teach me? It changed my entire life. I built my real estate business so big that I now work part time, travel all over and live an awesome life easily. I met the love of my life, created a business that nets me well over 6 figures, I developed my intuition to the point that I can make sure my clients have everything they want in their new homes....As KJ says I love my life......Micheal G.

When I first started learning from KJ I was so lost. My relationship had ended, I owed a lot of money and had lost my job. Now I take every course she offers whenever she offers it. After 6 months of attending her very first program I built my own business, I got my marriage back on track and we renewed our vows. Paid off all of the debt and bought a new house.Now 5 years later my business is great. We have 2 children. Own 3 properties. Whenever I struggle I go to KJ to get my butt kicked and get right back on track. Here is what you should know. I took Tony Robbins programs, I watched The secret over and over, have read so many books, nothing I have studied or watched made it this easy. I was still lost, still struggling. Kj shows it all in a way that you just get it. I get what energy means now. I understand that I am in total control. I gained more confidence learning how I was getting in my own way. So she doesn't just tell you how it works, she shows you how you are getting in your own way and what to do about it. I could talk about this for hours because it really does change everything. When KJ asked me if I would write about it, the first thing I thought was just sign up it will change your life...But if I wasn't so desperate when I found her I would have questioned it all too. One Sunday I was listening to her radio show and she said come see us on Friday night to change your life. I didn't have anything to lose so I went, and I have never looked back....Love you Kjarlune....Micheal C. (Former oil man converted entrepreneur)

She makes it so easy! Karrie W.

I met the love of my life....Amanda W.

If you want something you have never had, you must do something you have never done to achieve it! That is the first thing I heard from her when listening to her radio show. I am not someone who believed in psychics, or even the law of attraction, but that caught my attention. I went to her Dream it, had a session, and she nailed me, made me a believer. So I started learning from her. My life wasn't bad, had a job, paid my bills, everything I thought life was supposed to look like. No real complaints.Except I was bored, lonely and not really happy. 2 years I went to her classes. 2 years I put her ideas into practice. I became the lead manager, then went after becoming a pilot. My real dream. I fly for a living now. I am in love, travel for almost free, have everything I never knew I was looking for. (She asked me for more info and I am not much of a writer, but for KJ I thought I would share.)..last time I was in her office she told me she was creating all of her courses online so she could live my dream and travel all over...See you in Bali KJ....Love your life..Braden G.

Some stories from KJ:

"I was teaching a program called Dream it and doing a weekly radio show in Calgary where I live and work. Every week I would get a call from someone claiming they were my biggest fan. I thought Creepy. One night I was locked out of my cash box before Dream it started and this guy said he could fix it. Tatted up, bald, scary looking but I never judge a book by the cover, so I handed him the cash box, he opened it, looked at me and said I am your biggest fan...hmmmm...He followed me outside to have a smoke together, I was nervous and unsure. Months later after seeing him every week and hearing from him on radio all the time we got to be friends and he told me a story. KJ when I first heard you on radio I was living in my car, broke, had lost my relationship and was barely surviving. Your show would come on and I would crank it open my car doors and share you with my friends all living in their cars by the airport, I spent money I didn't have to go to dream it and learn. I remember crying as he was telling me his story over food...His name is Tony and while falling in love, getting a better job and buying his first place we became brother and sister from another Mr and he became an uncle to my kids and my husbands best friend...My Tony takes changes now, believes in the unbelievable, and has created an amazing life I am blessed enough to be apart of...Because of so many people like Tony I dedicate my life to helping people find their dreams." KJ

" I had a client who was really struggling, I have had many but this one stands out because of what he did. He was struggling, money ran out, bills piled up and he was lost...I convinced him to first declare bankruptcy, and then go become a millionaire doing what he teaches...Real estate investment with no money....He thought I was crazy and I told him it would make a great story, he did. Then in the next year following with a $500.00 investment he became a millionaire...Wrote a book and dedicated it to me...We are still close, I am still his guide...I didn't do the work he did and now he lives a life he loves doing what he loves, and I am always guaranteed a hug when I see him...It isn't me that does the work. I just share how it is done.. i can't take credit for anything anyone does because all I did was show them the tools...They used them to build their dreams. But I love every one of them and spend my life watching them grow." KJ

"I started out as abused wife with a gift I thought was satan's curse. I didn't understand what being a psychic meant, all i knew was I had to try. I walked out of my abusive marriage with a new born, scared alone and broke. Literally with her crib and the clothes on my back...I put a add on a mailbox offering readings...Became Canada's Top Clairvoyant in my first year. Met my twin soul, became a radio host, started teaching how to reach our dreams and have never looked back..I lost 260 pounds because the Drs told me I was sick..Have clients all over the world and have been making well over 6 figures for almost 3 decades..I practice everything I teach, I walk the walk and live and breath The Universe....60% of my client base as a psychic are men and this year started playing poker part time for a second income...There is nothing you cannot do. No mountain to high to climb.I live an incredible life. Blissfully married for years, great kids all grown up and beautiful grandchildren...You don't have to take my word for it, the Universe is real and I don't care if you call it god, The Universe or Kermit the frog, you can do and be anything...Believe to Achieve my friends...believe to achieve..." Love KJ

Your Instructor

Kjarlune Rae
Kjarlune Rae

After 30 years of being Canada's Top Clairvoyant. Working with Radio and T.V. teaching Intuition, Law of Attraction, Finding love, being the best you all over the world Kjarlune Rae has opened her teaching up from in person to Online...Create your life your way!

"If you want something you have never had. You must do something you have never done in order to achieve it!"

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