Start living your life without limits!

Create your perfect life with the Law of attraction and Intuition. Allowing the Universe to direct and deliver all of your dreams and goals and easily as breathing! Get out of your own way!

Welcome to Limitless. All of Kjarlune Rae's programs available in one easy location!

We all want choices in life. So what are you looking for? Which of these questions hit home for you?

1) How to attract all of your dreams using the Law of Attraction? Love, money, dreams come true.

2) Developing your intuition?

3) Letting go of that excess emotional and physical weight?

4) All of the above?

The choice is yours and below you will see your options, but first some information on each.To help you choose!


The true meaning of Limitless! With Emerald you get everything. All the programs Kj offers in one package.. Smokey Quartz. (Law of attraction, unlocking the power within) Amethyst (full intuition course) Garnet (the Love Diet. releasing for good your emotional and physical weight.). You get them all with Emerald.Including any program Kjarlune adds to her list.. If it is available here, you get it. Including video webinars that are additional prices in every other program Kj offers. All yours at no extra cost ever! Your best investment with your hard earned dollars..As an extra for all Emerald members. Services in KJ's office are discounted to you only. A $40.00 savings on one hour readings and a $20.00 saving on all half hour sessions. Inform Brian when booking you are a Emerald member and he will apply your discount.

Introduction steal of a deal your monthly subscription cost till Jan 2019 $35.00 (approx $45 Can)

After Jan 2019 new members will pay $75.00. (approx $97 Can)

Yes this is in U.S. currency.

Smokey Quartz:

Unlocking the Power within: This is a full monthly program, teaching you the tips, secrets, process of manifestation! Your full Law of attraction advantage. Guaranteed 4 monthly Audio's and or video's giving you steps to achieve your dreams. Everything you need to understand and live in the Universal energy that is the Law Of Attraction. If you follow these steps you will have it all. Love, money, dreams come true. Anything and everything one can physically attract.

Cost for Smokey Quartz stand alone monthly subscription: $35.00 u.s. (Approx $45 Can)


For years Kjarlune Rae has been selecting and teaching Clairvoyance. Her full intuitive program. Helping people unlock their intuition, become healers, psychics and life coaches. Amethyst is this program. Now online. With Amethyst Kjarlune will share her in person closed classes as well as Audio and Video classes showing you how to read. Tarot, Cardomancy (The reading of playing cards), channeling, colors and crystals, numerology just to name a few. Monthly KJ will take a lesson of intuition and share it with you.

Cost for Amethyst stand alone monthly subscription: $45.00 us. (approx $58. Can)


The Love diet, not really a diet. Kjarlune Rae has lost a whopping 260 pounds to date. Having lived through and experienced the emotional trauma that losing that kind of weight brings to the table. Kj is creating a program that gives you to the tools to lose the physical weight while letting go of the emotional baggage that had you gain the weight in the first place. Every diet out there claims you can lose all the weight you want. Become the new you, but there is a reason we gain it all back and then some. They are diets, fads, food and exercise to let go of the pounds.They don't last. Why? because it isn't how we normally live. We are limiting ourselves while dieting. Restricting our food forcing physical activity we don't enjoy or would already be doing it, and not dealing with any of the reasons we struggle in the first place. Can you lose the weight fast with this approach? Absolutely, but far more importantly you can do while falling in love with yourself, restricting nothing. Living, eating, physical movement you ENJOY! The ultimate NEVER GAIN IT BACK AGAIN PROGRAM!

Cost for Garnet stand alone monthly subscription $35.00 u.s. ( approx 45. Can)

There you have it my friends, do it all with Emerald or pick the one area you want the most work on to give it a try and see if Kj has what your looking for!

We believe she does!

Look below to enroll in the program you want!